Did you know that MPG savings alone are usually enough to pay for online truck driver training? Don't believe us? This whitepaper contains hard evidence that training improves fleet safety, CSA scores and fuel efficiency to the degree that it pays for itself.

ROI of online training coverFast facts:

  • A 1% MPG improvement would save the trucking industry $709 million per year.
  • Training on aggressive driving and fuel management helped drivers boost MPG by 2.8%.
  • Drivers with a better MPG have a lower crash risk than those with a worse MPG.

This whitepaper has all the info you need to build a rock-solid case for driver training. Download it free now!

Outline: Guide to Truck Driver Training ROI 

Evidence that online driver training improves fleet safety, fuel efficiency, and CSA scores

  • Reach Everyone with Better Training
  • Why Leading Fleets Choose PRO-TREAD
  • Online Training: Faster and More Effective
  • What Training Can Do for Your Fleet

Excerpt: Trucking has picked up a lot of technology over the past several years, but it is still essentially a people-driven industry. So the better your people work, the better the fleet runs. As they say, “team work makes the dream work.” Our clients report several benefits beyond safety:

Lower insurance rates and fewer lawsuits due to reduced crashes.
Better driver retention due to fewer violations.
Lower CSA scores.
Less expensive and more consistent than in-class or in-person training.
Better fuel efficiency and lower maintenance costs.
Less time spent in training.

  • Training Works, Especially PRO-TREAD
  • Training Helps Companies Outperform Market 45%
  • Regular Training Drops CSA Scores

Excerpt: We looked at the industry averages for each CSA BASIC, and we looked at the same information in our own client base.

Our entire client base scored 24 points lower on average in each BASIC.

For those clients who take 4 or more lessons per user per year — that’s just 25 minutes of online or in-cab driver training every three months — the fleet scored 30 points lower for each BASIC.

When we looked at fleets taking 6+ lessons per driver per year, they scored 34 points better on average.

  • Average Unsafe Driving Scores Go Down as Online Training Increases
  • CSA Score Comparison: PRO-TREAD Clients vs. Everyone
  • Safety Training Helps MPG Too
  • Driver Approved Training


ITI Provides Fleet Driver Training
for Every Type of Fleet Vehicle

Look under the hood at top-performing companies, and you’ll find a culture of training. When you want to outsource your training and safety content, ITI provides the highest quality online videos through for every type of vehicle, from sedans up to heavy duty trucks.

PRO-TREAD® for Heavy Duty Trucks
ClearDrive™ for Commercial Fleets
On Ramp™ for CDL Schools

And we have a library of OSHA and out-of-vehicle courses for injury prevention, as well.


Sentix™ LMS:
Designed for Busy Fleet Safety Managers

Sentix Pro is a powerful learning management system (LMS) engineered specifically for transportation and logistics companies. From assigning a year’s worth of training in minutes to triggering training after an incident, it will save you hours of manual work right out of the box.

Just as importantly, Sentix LMS can connect to all your other systems and be customized to help you intelligently scale your training for the long haul.