Parking Lot Danger Zones

Just like military leaders use maps to identify hostile areas for soldiers, it's important to show drivers where they're most likely to have a collision.

Prevent driver injuries and unnecessary vehicle damage by downloading this free, printable poster of parking lot danger zones. Hang it up on the break room door, tape it to the fridge, or pin it to the announcement board. 


thumbnail of parking lot danger zones poster


Nearly two-thirds of commercial fleet collisions happen in parking lots. These minor crashes are more expensive than they seem. The cost of vehicle repairs, service delays, paperwork, replacement drivers, and injuries can add up quickly. 

This free poster is a simple but effective way to remind drivers about the Qorta University driver safety training they've already taken. If you haven't invested in online driver training, tick the box to hear from a training specialist who can answer any questions you may have about our online courses for truck drivers, delivery drivers, and commercial fleet driver training.

Qorta University training from SambaSafety is proven to reduce crashes up to 27 percent and lower fleet insurance premiums by 60 percent.


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