Improve Driver Safety (Even With Zero Budget)

Two-thirds of commercial fleet collisions occur in parking lots and the vast majority are preventable.

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  • The one thing 75% of all turning collisions have in common and how to prevent it
  • The simple policy that cut one fleet’s parking lot collisions by 50%
  • Loads of actionable tips safety managers can use to reduce parking lot collisions (even if you have no budget)

Sobering Facts About Parking Lot Collisions

Highway crashes get all the press, but 60% of crashes occur in a parking lot and involve a stationary object. That's why parking lots are an essential topic to cover in your driver safety training.

  • The indirect costs of parking lot collisions can be 5-50X higher than the direct costs.
  • According to the National Safety Council, 9% of pedestrian deaths in parking lots are caused by backing incidents.
  • In a poll by the National Safety Council, 66% of US drivers admitted to making phone calls while driving through parking lots.

Can you afford to overlook parking lot safety? As the stats above illustrate, parking lots are an essential topic every driver safety program should cover.


Online Driver Safety Training Pays for Itself

Employee taking training on laptopA small investment in an online fleet driver training can pay dividends for the duration of a driver’s employment with your company by:

  • Correcting  poor habits before they lead to collisions.

  • Reducing crashes and lawsuits.

Online driver training from SambaSafety is proven to reduce crashes up to 27 percent and lower fleet insurance premiums by 60 percent. Tick the box to hear from a training specialist who can answer any questions you may have about delivery driver training, defensive driving courses, or other fleet driver training options.


What's Inside the Guide

  1. Parking Lot Collisions – What's the Big Deal?
    1. The Hidden Costs of "Small" Collisions
    2. Direct Costs of Parking Lot Collisions
    3. The Iceberg of Safety Costs
  2. Why Drivers Crash
    1. The Root Causes: Rushing and Distraction
    2. Reduce Distractions with Training and Reminders
    3. Common Causes of Distracted Driving
  3. Fixed Object Collisions
    1. Two Types of Fixed Object Collisions
    2. Train Drivers to Avoid Fixed Objects
    3. Ban Trucks from Busy Lots
  4. Backing Collisions
    1. Backing Crashes: More Common than You Think
    2. Common Backing Crashes
    3. Train Drivers to Avoid Backing Crashes
    4. Backing with a Spotter
    5. Backing Technology for Trucks
  5. Entering and Exiting Collisions
    1. Entry and Exit Collisions Are Extremely Costly
    2. 75% of Turn Accidents Involve a Left Turn
    3. Reduce Risk with Right Turns
    4. More Tips to Avoid Collisions Around a Parking Lot
  6. Creating a Culture of Safety
    1. Train Drivers Now, Save Money Later
    2. Incentivizing Safety

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