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What's New: 2020 Hours of Service Changes

(Make Sure Your Drivers Know)

The new 2020 Hours of Service (HOS) changes from the FMCSA went live on September 29, 2020. Fleets need to provide training to their drivers about the HOS rule changes, and also need to provide updated HOS training going forward.

Free HOS Update Video for Your Fleet

We're making our Hours of Service Update video freely available.

Why Hours of Service Training is Important

Hours of Service is one of the most critical topics of training a truck fleet can provide to their drivers. For one, hours of service violations are the most frequent out-of-service (OOS) violation. But more importantly, fatigue is one of the most silently dangerous forms of driver impairment. 

The new rules pertain to:

  • Short haul
  • Sleeper berth
  • 30-minute breaks
  • Adverse conditions

Videos vs. Training Course

ITI updated the PRO-TREAD Hours of Service online course to include all the new 2020 HOS changes from the FMCSA. We also built a shorter HOS course that only covers the 2020 Hours of Service updates. 

If you’re an ITI client, you can assign either course online via Sentix.

If you’re not an ITI client yet, we’re making the 2020 Hours of Service Changes online course available free as a video. Unlike a training course, the free HOS video asks no questions and provides no evidence you trained a driver.

Free Hours of Service Video