Learn the new HOS rules in just 30 minutes

Driver updating hours of service on ELDFMCSA’s new Hours of Service (HOS) rules go live on Sept 29, 2020. They promise to give more flexibility to fleets and drivers without compromising safety… if you can decipher the bureaucrat-ese! But let's face it – you can’t afford to have drivers out of service because your fleet didn’t train them.

No need to panic. Watch our 30-minute webinar for a plain English overview of the changes and what they mean for fleets and drivers. You’ll leave with a clear understanding of the new HOS rules and how to communicate them to your drivers.

What We'll Cover in the Webinar:

  • A complete overview of FMCSA’s new Hours of Services rules for 2020, including the short-haul exception, adverse driving conditions exception, 30-minute break requirement and sleeper berth provision.
  • Loads of specific examples to help you understand exactly what these changes mean for fleets and drivers.
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Why Should You Care About Hours of Service, Anyway?

All your drivers use ELDs, so why should you spend your valuable time training drivers on a few bureaucratic rule changes? Here are a few reasons:

  • In CVSA’s 2018 International Roadcheck, HOS violations made up 43.7% of all driver out-of-service conditions, more than any other category.
  • ELDs aren’t a magic bullet. Of the top 20 violations found in over 2 million roadside inspections conducted in 2020, 5 were related to ELD issues.
  • Fines for HOS violations can easily add up to tens of thousands of dollars – for a single violation!

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Roy Broomfield, Senior Training Specialist, ITIAbout the Speaker 

Roy Broomfield, Senior Training Specialist, ITIRoy Broomfield is the Senior Training Specialist at Instructional Technologies Inc. He started his career in the transportation industry in England and after obtaining an HGV 1 spent the next 12 years driving commercially across Europe, operating for several large well-known companies moving everything from boats to explosives. In 1998 while looking for opportunities to increase his experience, he was offered a driving position with Schneider and was quickly recruited into their training team, because of his varied experience and background. Over the next 15 years, he had the opportunity to fulfil several training roles at Schneider, finally as a member of the curriculum development team, responsible for over 150 instructors at 17 different training locations across North America.

Since leaving Schneider National, he has held leadership positions at several transportation training providers. These positions have included both the use of simulators and e-learning for driver training as well as instructor led training, before returning to work with Instructional Technologies Inc. in Vancouver, Washington, who he first had the opportunity to work with while at Schneider. When he is not providing training solutions, Roy enjoys the outdoor life, especially mountain biking and traveling with his wife in their RV to find new locations to ride their bicycles.