Approved Online Training for FedEx Linehaul and P&D Drivers

Meet FedEx Training Requirements for ISPs 

shutterstock_1062484466As a FedEx Ground ISP, you have enough to worry about — driver shortages, fleet safety, customer service, repairs and maintenance, insurance claims, route changes… not to mention making deliveries on time!

But finding the right training provider? That’s easy. ITI has been training drivers for over 20 years, and we offer FedEx-approved training for both linehaul and P&D drivers. With ITI, you can quickly train new hires and meet monthly training requirements for existing drivers. 

Linehaul or P&D? We've Got You Covered!

Whether you focus on Linehaul, P&D, or a little bit of both, we offer FedEx Ground-approved training for your drivers. Learn more about linehaul and P&D training below.


Linehaul Driver Training          P&D Driver Training   

Let's Train Your Drivers

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