How to Prevent Driver Injuries (With Zero Budget)

Slips and falls don't make headlines like highway crashes, but they're much more common and almost 100% preventable. 

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  • The biggest reasons injuries happen, and how to prevent all of them
  • 9 hidden injury costs you probably aren’t accounting for
  • 3 simple communication tips that prevent lift gate injuries
  • 5 safety steps every delivery fleet should take
  • Loads of simple things you can do right now to reduce out-of-vehicle injuries (even if you have no budget)

Scary Facts About Driver Injuries

Slip and fall injuries are the #2 reason drivers miss work (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics). One wrong move can lead to weeks of physical therapy and piles of bills.

When you add up all the direct and hidden costs (there are more than you think!), you may discover these "minor" incidents are a major expense.

  • The average cost of a slip, trip, or fall injury is $40,000 per incident.
  • 22% of slip/fall incidents result in more than a month away from work.
  • A worker is injured on the job every 7 seconds.
  • Safety incidents are 30% higher during night shifts.
Sources: BLS, National Safety Council


Inside Our Fleet Driver Safety Training Guide:

  1. Keep Drivers Safe Inside the Vehicle and Out
    1. Common Out-of-Vehicle Injuries
  2. Preventing Lift Gate Injuries
    1. It Starts with Training
    2. Three Ways to Communicate Lift Gate Safety
    3. Lift Gate Incidents – More Expensive than They Seem
    4. Costs of Lift Gate Incidents
  3. Preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls
    1. Common Causes of Slips, Trips, and Falls
    2. Safely Entering and Exiting the Vehicle
    3. Avoiding Onsite Slips, Trips, and Falls
    4. Walk the Delivery Path
    5. More Safety Tips for Onsite Visits
    6. The Costs of Slips, Trips, and Falls


How Online Safety Training Prevents Injuries

Employee taking training on laptopBy providing your drivers with convenient, online injury prevention training, you can save a lot of money on workers’ comp claims and keep drivers safe.

  • Correct poor habits before they lead to injury.

  • Show employees how to work quickly and safely.

  • Reduce injuries and workers' comp claims.

We offer safety training tailored to every driver and every vehicle in your fleet including: heavy-duty truck drivers, box truck drivers, delivery van drivers, even employees who drive company cars.

Qorta University training is proven to reduce incidents up to 27 percent. Choose a standalone package of online OSHA training courses, defensive driving courses, or subscribe to the entire library of 250+ driver safety courses. Tick the box to hear from a SambaSafety training specialist who can answer any questions you may have.

Ultimate Guide to Preventing Out-of-Vehicle Injuries