How the Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine
Impacts Trucking Fleets: Webinar

Training and Awareness are the Best Defense


Join ITI and Pennsylvania Dept. of Agriculture's Dana D. Rhodes for an informative webinar about the Spotted Lanternfly quarantine, the potential impact of this invasive species, and the vital role trucking will play in stopping "the most devastating species in 150 years." 

States up and down the East Coast have already begun roadside inspections for the pest, and enforcement continues to ramp up as more states like New York, New Jersey, Virginia and Maryland combine forces to stop this invasive species.



Watch the Webinar Video

The webinar happened live Jan. 24, 2019 — sorry you missed it! We recorded the video, which includes lots of questions from fleets in attendance.


PA Regulatory Official Explains Quarantines
and Training Requirements

To help you better understand the risks and regulations, ITI has invited Dana D. Rhodes, Plant Health Program Manager from the Pennsylvania Dept. of Agriculture. Dana serves as the State Plant Regulatory Official, with 27 years of experience in the horticultural field and 10 years with regulatory responsibilities. Her work with the department of agriculture currently includes quarantine pest issues, nursery/greenhouse certification programs, and inspections. Dana believes to control and contain pest issues, it takes industry and regulatory programs working together. It is important for each to understand how the other operates and why the pest poses a threat.


Train Now to Spot Bugs When They Hatch

Currently, more than 1,300 companies and fleets have complied with the training. While the bugs are in their winter egg phase, now is the time to start training. Knowing what to expect this spring and summer from the bugs as well as from inspectors will help you keep trucks running and the bugs contained.

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